Welding services at Lawrence Fabrication include Tig, Mig, and FCAW welding provided by highly trained and AWS certified welders with years of experience. Learn more about our welding services below. Contact us for questions about welding at Lawrence Fabrication or to request a quote for your project.

  • AWS certified Welders  Our welders are ready to tackle any GTAW (“Tig”), GMAW (“Mig”), or FCAW (Flux Cored) welding project.
  • Heat and Distortion Control -Stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel behave very differently when welded. Our team’s experience allows us to hold extremely tight tolerances despite these challenges.
  • Thin to Thick, Steel to Stainless – It’s rare that a project is outside of our comfort zone. Material thicknesses from 0.020″ to 1″, and various materials and alloys of Stainless, Aluminum, and Carbon steel are all within our capabilities.
  • Cosmetic and Structural – Our certified welders don’t just “pass code.” Their welds must both be structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.